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    Web browser direct communication via Web Sockets with HornetQ without using STOMP

    vinay a Newbie

      Hi All,


      I am exploring the

      Web browser direct communication with HornetQ: HornetQ also can be accessed via Web Sockets from inside a browser


      It worked fine, when tried with the Jeff Mesnil's example of using stomp over Web Sockets for exchanging JMS messages with hornetQ.


      I want to know if the same can be achieved without using Stomp protocol.I mean direct communication between web socket n Hornetq Server. If yes, then how? Using JSON? Basically, the idea is to avoid usage of Stomp protocol on top of web sockets in order to get JMS message from HornetQ server.

      Please let me know your technical view point ..whats ur take on this?

      Your help in this is much appreciated!