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    how to remove file from guvnor.


      I have inserted some files into guvnor repository throw the eclipse and finally disconnected the files from the repository. Now i'm no more able to remove the files from the guvnor repository. How can I delete the files?

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          You can use File/Import/Guvnor/Resources from Guvnor to get latest version of files into your eclipse project.


          However if you delete them using eclipse, they dissapear from guvnor and you're not able anymore to import them, but they are still there somehow - govnor will not accept the same file anymore saying "already exists"...


          I guess it's a feature protecting depending items from loosing their data...


          As I understand it, the recommended way is to develop a resource package in clean guvnor and then transfer the whole package and deploy it...


          I'm new here and still learning so hope I'm not wrong too much

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            Hi @Kamil,


            thanks for the help, I hope it will work. I have been opened the guvnor repository in the "Dolphin" file explorer and could see all the files inside. Removing of the files was also possible, unfortunatelly all the files were back after refresh :-(  So the guvnor webdav interface seems not to be standard implementation.


            I checked it and can approve, that the removed files from guvnor repository cannot be put there again with the same filename. I will search for the solution for this. One way i will try is to find the embedded database, check the structure and maybe remove the files directly from the database.

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              after you'll find out how to deal with the files in guvnor, please let me/us know... I'm interested in this issue.


              I'm currently still just playing with the jBPM5 and have tons of other issues to solve, but it's an important one.



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                You can't really delete a file from guvnor, as it is a versioned repository, it keeps track of older versions.  You can however archive a file, which means it is no longer there in the latest version, but still exists as an older version.



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                  Once the file is Archived, you can use the Admin Archive capabilities to delete (or restore) the file from the repository. Unless you perform this step, you will not be able to add a file with the same name.