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    Deployment problem under Windows 7 / 64bit ?

    Uwe Langjahr Newbie

      Hello community,

      I'm a beginner with Jboss and in the J2EE world, so I have not so much experience.
      In the past I had no problem with auto publishing of the project into the AS.

      Now I have (must) migrated my system to
      Windows 7 / 64bit
      JDK 1.6.0_23 / 64bit
      Eclipse Helios JEE 64bit
      I also have now installed JBoss Tools 3.2
        - frist only a submodul to have the Runtime Jboss 6 wizard.
        - later I had selected "All Jboss tools".
      JBoss 6.0.0 Final
      JBoss 5.1.0 GA

      In the following, I do every thing within eclipse (no maven/ant etc).

      - If I setup a EJB (3.1) project and deploy it into the Jboss directory (server/default/deploy)
        the project is started an I can access with a small java client to the bean.
      - There is a simple method, printing to stdout.
      - If I call the client, I see the output string in the console output from Jboss.

      - If I change my bean
        - I see a new class file is created by eclipse (auto build) in the bin directory
        - I see in server/default/deploy/... a new class file is copies into the deploy directory

      - I don't see any "reloading" messages in the Jboss logging
      - My client shows the old output string
      - If I select a "full publish" in the eclipse tab "server"
        - I see the changes are deployed an loaded
        - my client is showing the new message.

      - Any time I modify the java class, I can see the same
        - new compiled, new copy in deploy dir, but NOT reload
        - any time I do a manual "full publish", its running.

      BUT now:
      - if I create a simple XML file like META-INF/a.xml
        - any time, if I modify this file, the deployment is running automatically
        - e.g:
          1) I modify the java class
          2) I modify the a.xml file
          3) I wait until the reload message appears in logging
          4) I call the client and now I see my modifications

      In the same environment I have used a glassfish server.
      Here I can modify my java class, save it and the changes are
      published to the server and are active.

      Any ideas?


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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          It looks like that eclipse only copy the *.class file to deploy (am I right?)

          In this case JBoss does not pick up the change, only EAR/WAR/JAR and different types of XML are supported.

          If eclipse use 'exploded' deployment (e.g. deploy/myapp.ear/.../*.class) the META-INF/ files must be touched to reload the application.


          If you modify a deploy/*.xml file the hotdeploy will pick up it imediately.

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            Uwe Langjahr Newbie



            yes, you are right. I see only a copy of the new *.class in the deploy directory of jboss.

            In the deployment directory, there is not a single jar file. I see a extracted (exploded) directory with the name of my project like "myappl.jar"

            and below ohter directory from the packages etc.


            But if you tell me: eclipse use 'exploded':

            where can I configure this? I'm a beginner.

            Is this because I use JBoss Tools?

            The only hint (exploded) I see is in eclipse within the "server" tab, opening my jboss server configuration.

            In the "deployment" tab I can choose the deployment directory (workspace metadata, jboss deploy folder, custom folder).

            Also in this tab, I see "Deploy projects as compressed archives".

            If I activate this option:

              - I see in the deployment directory now a single file with the name "myappl.jar"

              - Changing the java code, don't have any affect to the deployment. Jarfile in deploy is not changed

              - Editing a xml file also has no affect to the deployment.

              - Manual calling "full publish" is working




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              Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

              I'm not very familar whit JEE development completly with Eclipse (use only Eclipse without JEE support because of environment).

              But I play around with it and I use always the context menu 'Export' to deploy the created EAR/WAR/JAR into the JBoss.

              This looks like working for me.

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                Peter Johnson Master

                Is autobuild turned on in Eclipse?

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                  Uwe Langjahr Newbie



                  if you mean within eclipse: Project > Build Automatically    YES



                  In the meantime I made a new test:

                  1.) I removed eclipse, jboss 5.1

                  2.) I installed eclipse and jboss (unzipped both archives)

                  3.) Configured a new server with the eclipse build in mechanism (?), I mean, no plugin installed, only the jee support from eclipse

                       Windows>Preferences>Server>Runtime Environment>Add>Jboss v5.0

                  4.) Created a new server configuration in the server tab and started the server (without problems/errors)

                  5.) Created a new workspace and made a new ejb project, created all java packages/classes and

                       Run As>Run On Server and choose the new server.

                  6.) Deployment message in logging

                  7.) client is OK

                  8.) Changed the source and waited ~ 10 sec. The change was deployed by eclipse through a "ant" task.

                  9.) client shows the change.

                  10.) Happy


                  Now I have installed JBoss Tools (only a sub modul (JBossAS Tools)

                  a.) registered a new server with "Jboss community>JBoss 5.1 Runtime"

                  b.) created a new server and started this server

                  c.) switched the project to the new server.

                  d.) Same behavior, than may initial posting

                  e.) in the server tab I see a very short flashing "republishing", if I save the source.

                  f.) find all new *.classes in the deploy directory, but the Jboss is not recognizing the redeployment.

                  g.) If I create same METAINF/a.xml file and modify this file. The redeployment is running (shown in logging) and changes are activated.


                  Any ideas?


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                    Peter Johnson Master

                    Sounds like a JBoss Tools bug, or maybe it's a feature ;-). I don't know if any of the Tools developers monitor this forum, the Tools forums is at http://community.jboss.org/en/tools?view=discussions. Perhaps a kindly administrator could move this post there, or if not you could place a brief post there (a sentence at the most) with a link to this post.

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                      Max Rydahl Andersen Master

                      JBoss Tools simply copy the changed files - upto JBoss AS to detect if it wants to restart.


                      Thus nothing different from using this in jboss tools/eclipse or copying from command line.



                      lets continue on jboss tools if there are additional things.