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    Seam Web Project during deployment misses jars?

    Rocky S Master

      I am using Eclipse 3.6.1 Seam Tools for Eclipse Version: 3.2.0.v20101022-2113-H122-Beta2.


      After I created my project and trying to deploy to Jboss 4.2 GA server, it gave me exception class not found SeamListener. Then I realized eclipse did not automatically provide jboss-seam.jar during automatic deployment under WEB-INF/lib.

      See the attachment, it clearly shows jboss-seam.jar is present under Web App Libraries/jboss-seam.jar but when it comes to deployment WAR contents, it is missing.


      This issue did not happened earlier, but from last week it started happening, not sure what is wrong.


      Anybody aware of how to fix this issue?