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Mobicents issue tracker future

Pavel Slegr Newbie

Hi all,


what will be the future of Mobicents issue tracker ? ( http://code.google.com/p/mobicents/issues/list )

Are we going to stick with it ?

Currectly we do have a autogenerated roadmaps from gcode issues.

I am not sure what are the possibilities with JIRA.


Will we stick with half of the community content on google and half on jboss.org

It may become a bit chaotic





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    Eduardo Martins Apprentice

    Pavel, that's still ongoing work but we need to give one step at a time, I think we will stick with GCode till, one day, we move sources to github, and in that day I'm sure we will have a solution for the roadmap. The Issue Tracker will for sure be the last step of the migration to jboss.org infrastructure.