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    does javassist have a Proxy like class?

    null null Novice

      I am wondering if javassist has a class just like jdk Proxy BUT for classes where if you call method.invoke it would

      really translate to super.<method>() such that it would be really easy to create wrappers around classes and interfaces

      and such using mostly the same code...in fact, the code I think could be mostly the same for creating a dynamic class

      from an interface and a class from a class.


      Does something like that exist?  or if it is not in the library, I am sure someone probably thought of it already.  anyone

      have code for something like that so I don't have to write it myself?


      I imagine this could be done by making the code written for a method to just invoke the invocationHandler that is passed

      in to the constructor of my class(but again, I hope someone already has this).