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Github repository changes

Thomas Diesler Master

GitHub added the notion of Organization some time ago.


When you go to https://github.com/jbosgi you will now see the dashboard for this (new) organization.

All repositories that were formerly available under this URL are now on my private account https://github.com/tdiesler


How you should work



  1. In Github fork a project to your private account
  2. Clone the project to you local workspace (git clone git@github.com:yourname/foo.git)
  3. If you are a commiter, add a remote upstream location (git add remote upstream git@github.com:jbosgi/foo.git)
  4. When done, push your work upstream (git push upstream yourbranch)


David, technically nothing should have changed for you (i.e. your local git repo urls should work as before). However, I'd prefer to use 'jbosgi' as the 'upstream' and not the 'origin' remote location. This would be in line with how folks work on AS.