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Classpath too long problems when running Arquillian tests

geuze Newbie

Dear Arquillian users,


First of all, I want to thanks the contributors of Arquillian for their work. I like Arquillian a lot. I can really focus on writing tests and not on all the issues which normally play a role when developing Java Enterprise Applications.


At the moment I am writing a lot of code and unit tests. I run these unit tests from Eclipse, just as a normal JUnit test. However it seems that I cannot enjoy this way of working for long. This is why:


When I add a new dependency to my pom.xml file (i.e. I am using Maven) then I get this error when I launch my unit test:


Launching my java application fails with message: Caused by: java.io.IOException: CreateProcess error=87


This URL http://eclipsecoding.wikidot.com/faq states why this problem occurs: When the CLASSPATH gets too long, the program cannot be launched (at least under Windows) - try to shorten your classpath.


The reason why my classpath is too long has probably to do with the fact that I had to add the following (huge) dependencies to my jbossas-remote-6 profile:





















The last dependency I had to add because of the ‘java.lang.ClassFormatError: Absent Code’ problem. See http://community.jboss.org/wiki/WhatsthecauseofthisexceptionjavalangClassFormatErrorAbsentCode


So my problem is:

I cannot add new dependencies to my pom.xml, because in that case I get the CreateProcess error=87 error. This is not workable for the short and long term.


So my questions are:


Here some information about my environment.

Arquillian version 1.0.0.Alpha4

Maven version 3.02

JBoss version 6 FR

Eclipse Helios Service Release 1


I really hope someone can help.


Best regards,



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