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    hibernate queryparameters gui

    nimo stephan Master

      I am using the actual rf tools and found out, that there is no more the possibility to edit the "value" of a query parameter.


      So for example:


      I type this query:


      "select u.id from Users u where u.id =:id"


      When clicking the "Add query parameter" button, then id is shown. When I type the value for this id (for example, "1) and excecuting this query, I get no results as the gui does not recognize the value "1".


      I need to click the "..." within the value-field, which pops up "Element"-Gui in which I should add/modify the value additionally - after that, the excecution of the query returns a result as the "1" is now recognized. This is uncomfortable, in earlier versions, I could type the value in the field directly without the need to pop up a the "Elements"-GUI. Why was that changed? Is that really okay?