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    Guvnor deployment package

    npereira Newbie

      Hi forum,



      I just saw the blog post of Kris, on the subject "A Process repository using guvnor"


      In this post it is said, "All artefacts should be deployed to the "defaultPackage" on Guvnor (as that is where the jbpm-console will be looking)"


      I was wondering if there is any possibility of having more packages besides the default packafe? And of course having jbpm taking them into account?



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          Kris Verlaenen Master

          Yes, the default setup is configured using the "defaultPackage" on Guvnor.  You can configure the console to take other packages / resources into account by updating the changeSet.xml configuration file:



          Create your own version of this file and put it in the META-INF/classes directory inside the gwt-console-server.war.    That should override the default configuration with your preferences.



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            npereira Newbie



            I tried your sugestion but unfortunately it didn't work.

            I deployed the process in Guvnor.


            After this I unziped the jbpm-gwt-console-server.war, and created the folder classes under META-INF and then pasted the ChangeSet.xml file in attachment.

            I then created a new jbpm-gwt-console-server.war using zip and I pasted in the ../jboss-5.1.0.GA/server/default/deploy


            I then proceded to restart the server.

            The result was an error (as show in the file in attachement). I tried to refresh the "Process Overview" 3 times and after that time it showed me default package.


            Can you help.



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              npereira Newbie



              Just an update, I got it to work but I had to tweak the ChangeSet.xml inside the files "jbpm-gwt-core-5.0.0.jar" and "jbpm-gwt-graph-5.0.0.jar".


              These file are located inside the "jbpm-gwt-console-server.jar" inside /WEB-INF/lib/.


              These were the files responsible for the defaultPackage.



              My question is, I know this worked, but is it the correct way?