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    specify handlerchain.xml outside of jar

    Matt Wringe Master

      Is there anyway to specify the handlerchain.xml file out of the jar which contain the interface classes?


      I have an interface class within the WEB-INF/classes folder of my war. If I place a handlerchain xml file within the classes folder and specify it with the @HandlerChain(file="../../handlerchain.xml") then it gets picked up. But if I place it within the WEB-INF/conf directory, then I can't access it (file="../../../WEB-INF/conf/handlerchain.xml" will result in an index out of bounds error). Using JBoss 5.1.0.GA


      Since I don't know what the exact absolute file path where this is going to potentially be deployed, I don't believe I can use file="file://..."


      Is there some other way I can specify the handlerchain.xml file outside of the annotations? I would ideally like to have this configuration file located in an ear somewhere and not within a jar or war.