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    Run Portlet in parallel

    Ophir Tahor Newbie



      As I saw in JBoss Portal documents it seems that the portlets can be run on parallel on the server side. I am using JBoss Portal version 2.6.5SP1 and at the login page I have at least 5 different portlets. The portlets haven't any dependencies between them which mean that from my prespective there is no reason that they will loaded in parallel.


      At the current situation I see in the log file that they are going to the server one by one and also if we have Ajax call on each one of them I see the Ajax call going to the server sequentially instead of parallel or according to the queue that I can define.


      Do you know how I can run them in parallel instead of sequentially?


      I also have a gap between each call and according to the hibernate debug log I see that in the gap there are some Portal DB queries that run in order to load entities. I am using EHCache so I don't know why things run again.



      Thanks for any response!