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    Unit testing JBPM processes

    Michał Minicki Newbie

      Could someone point me to any resource explaining how to properly unit test JBPM 5 processes?


      I'm looking for info on how to test a process, on JBPM5 provided helper classes, how to mock/stub custom service tasks, how to test script tasks, etc.

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          peter harrison Newbie

          We have been using our own message system which delivers messages onto queues. When under test we could replace this message delivery system with a mock delivery system. However, now I'm looking at moving to use the ESB Service Node to call services and have run into the same issue; that is you can't test the process in absence of the live ESB services.


          I would like to find a way to test a process without calling live services.

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            Mauricio Salatino Master

            Hi, in jBPM5 you have the concept of work item. Using that you can provide different implementations of your services that can run in different environments. Creating a workitemHandler that mock your services and another one that do the real thing, will help you to test your business processes without changeing them when you need to test them.

            I was creating a simple project to be able to easily test processes, but I think that kris will probably do something similar and include it in the master repository for the next version. Take a look at: