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    Warning logged during close of Message service - why?

    magir Newbie



      I'm rather new to JBPM and currently trying to solve a strange issue in one of our systems. The initialisation of the JBPM context is logged on debug level as follow:


      [L: org.jbpm.configuration.JbpmContextInfo] - [M: creating jbpm context with service factories '[tx, message, scheduler, persistence, authentication]']


      But when the services are closed I see:



      [L: org.jbpm.svc.Services] - [M: closing service 'message': org.jbpm.msg.db.DbMessageService...]

      [L: org.jbpm.configuration.ObjectFactoryImpl] - [M: no info for object 'jbpmConfiguration'. defined objects: [jbpm.task.instance.factory, resource.default.modules, jbpm.job.executor, resource.varmapping, resource.business.calendar, resource.action.types, resource.parsers, default.jbpm.context, resource.node.types, jbpm.mail.from.address, jbpm.mail.address.resolver, resource.converter, jbpm.mail.smtp.host, jbpm.variable.resolver, resource.mail.templates, jbpm.byte.block.size]]


      The second line is logged on WARN level, which triggers our monitoring systems. Surely I can disable the WARN by reconfiguring LOG4J but I wonder why this comes up in the first place. Do I miss some kind of configuration? Only the message service exhibits this behaviour.


      I'm using jbpm-jpdl-3.2.3. Upgrading to a more recent version of 3.2 failed because the database schemata seem to have changed.


      Any hints are appreciated :-).