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      I am getting more familiar with JBoss but I am still a beginner. I need to disable HTTP PUT. How do I do that?





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          Anders Welen Apprentice

          If your question is about disable HTTP put for ALL calls to the web container I do not think it's possible.


          But if you want to disable HTTP put for a web application a POSSIBLE solution could be to use the

          "<security-constraint>" in the web.xml to make sure that the specified "<http-method>" can only by executed

          if the caller is in a special group (that no one is)

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            Anders Welen Apprentice

            I just realized that you probably can implement a Tomcat Valve that stops all HTTP put request if you want to disable the possibility for the whole web container.

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              zzpprk Newbie

              This is more like it.

              Please be patient with me and tell me what to put and in what file.

              I am a real beginner and do not know what files control what!

              Many thanks

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                Anders Welen Apprentice



                - The first suggestion is based on that the web application is a J2EE standard WAR package. Setup is done in "WEB-INF/web.xml" and "WEB-INF/jboss-web.xml"


                - For the second suggestion I would suggest using google to find more information about tomcat valves. (It's more of a programming solution rather than configuration I'm afraid)