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    starfish15 Newbie

      Hi everyone,


      I am relatively new with JBOSS ESB. We have undergone the training on JBOSS SOA recently. However, i was looking for a

      sample SOA application containing all the concepts right from Analysis,Design,Developent. I would appreciate if you guys could assist me with the same.




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          Tom Fennelly Master

          Hey "starfish"


          Not sure I've ever seen an example of anything that explains much more than the implementation of a solution to a specific use case.  Design and Analysis... I think these are the types of things that you'd go to a taining course for.


          The best thing we have are the ESB Quickstarts, of which there are many in the distro.

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            starfish15 Newbie

            Hey Tom,


            Thanks for the quick assistance. I would appreciate if you could let me know where i could find these ESB QuickStarts.




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              Tom Cunningham Master

              Are you using the ESB project or the JBoss SOA platform?        If you are using the ESB project version 4.9, they're available in samples/quickstarts.



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                starfish15 Newbie

                Hey Tom,


                I am using the JBoss SOA Platform. So i beleive the quick starts that you had mentioned were something found here jboss-soa-p.5.0.0\jboss-as\samples\quickstarts.


                Now from these quickstarts would you suggest that i pick any and import the same in Eclipse and the same would be ready to use immediately or would i have to do any tweaking on the same???




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                  Tom Fennelly Master

                  Start by reading the Getting Started Guide and then look at the "helloworld-*" quickstarts.  The configs in the quickstarts should be editable in the eclipse tooling.


                  Best thing to do is just try things out... then come back here with questions if you can't get something working.