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    How does one wait for a cluster to form?


      I'm just getting started experimenting with Infinispan, and I'm having some trouble setting up a simple test. I am using infinispan-4.2.1.CR1. I have a test program that uses a DefaultCacheManager to get a cache, and then puts some values in it. I have configured the default cache in distributed mode in my infinispan.xml, but when I run my program, it does not wait for additional members of the cluster to join--it just charges ahead and uses the cache as if it is the sole cluster member. How do I ensure that my program will wait for the cluster to form?


      I am using the jgroups-tcp.xml that ships with infinispan.This contains an <MPING> element with the attribute num_initial_members="3", which I take to mean that each member of the group should wait for at least 3 members to join before the group is established. Is that the correct interpretation? If so, what am I missing?


      Please see the attached infinispan.xml