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    Need JSF source for version of JSF in JBoss 4.3.0 GA

    Karol Zielonko Newbie

      We're running JBoss 4.3.0 GA.  From ...\jboss-web.deployer\jsf-libs\jsf-api.jar the build tag is:


      Implementation-Version: 4.3.0.GA (build: SVNTag=JBPAPP_4_3_0_GA date=2 00801031548)


      I'm trying to understand intermittent stack traces that we're seeing in JSF, ICEFaces, facelets. To that end I want the source code for the JSF classes which live in jars in the directory ...\jboss-web.deployer\jsf-libs (jsf-api.jar and jsf-impl.jar). (E.g. javax.faces.component.UIComponentBase.)


      Problem is I don't know what version of JSF went into JBoss 4.3.0 GA's

      jboss-web.deployer\jsf-libs directory.  Can somebody clue me in? I presume that if I know what JSF version is used then the source for it will be available at Sun's site.


      Thanks in advance,