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    Jose Luis Abascal Newbie

      Hi all,

      could you tell me what's the difference between a "License with Monitoring" and a "License without Monitoring"?


      On the other hand, what about the Evaluation License? Is it for a specific period of time? What restrictions has this License?


      Thanks in advance...

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          Alan Santos Newbie



          JBoss Operations Network was available in two flavors - with monitoring support and without.     As of last year it's only available with monitoring support.   The latest release - 2.4.1 - is available now and does not require a separate license to be installed.


          The evaluation period for all JBoss products is 30 days, JON included and there are no technical restrictions.  There is no license necessary for an evaluation.   I believe you agree to Red Hat licensing terms with the click-through or when you register.


          Let me know if that helps.