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    Use different loader-repository for two identical copies of WAR file

    Aron Nopanen Newbie

      Our WAR application uses a scoped classloader, and therefore specifies a loader-repository in jboss-web.xml. A customer is attempting to deploy two copies of our application within a single JBoss instance. Since the repository configuration is identical between the copies of the WAR file, the two instances share a class repository. This sharing causes issues with several components within our app.


      I've verified that if I change the repository name in one copy of the WAR file, both instances deploy without issue. However, it's not practical to make this manual change.


      Is it possible to make the two instances of the app use different class repositories, even if the WAR files are identical? Perhaps by referencing some instance-specific property within jboss-web.xml that is evaluated by the JBoss deployer at runtime?


      The customer is using JBoss AS 4.2.3.