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    Process deployment in jBPM 5




      I am new to jBPM. I have downloaded jBPM5 and installed it as per the procedure given in the Read me file that came with the installaton zip.

      Basically, I extracted the zip file and ran the ant start.demo command. The installation completed without any issues and the services did start.

      I was able to view the Evalucation process from that came as a part of the demo using Eclipse. Started the process using ProcessTest.java. Was also able to start it and complete the tasks using the jbpm-console.


      A few questions -


      1) I want to create a new bpmn process and deploy that using Eclipse. I have created the process but am not sure of the deployment procedure. What is the procedure to be followed?

      2) How do I add new users and groups to the system?

      3) I am not able to open the reports, the attached error is thrown in the jbpm-console. How to I start the report server?


      Is there are documentation for beginners?