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    Issues resolving javax.*

    Patrick Giefing Newbie

      When I'm trying to migrate from Eclipse Virgo to JBossOSGi I get resolving errors for import packages javax.sql and javax.swing. It seems that Apache Felix doesn't export the system bundles. How can this be fixed?


      JBossOSGi: 1.0.0.Beta9

      Java: 6 Update 24

      System: SuSE Linux 10.0

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          David Bosschaert Expert

          Hi Patrick,


          The javax packages are generally not automatically exposed by the OSGi framework from the JRE. This allows multiple implementations and versions of these packages to co-exist in the OSGi framework. I know Equinox does expose these packages by default in some configurations.


          You can get an OSGi framework to export additional packages from the system bundle by adding them to the org.osgi.framework.system.packages.extra property. In the JBoss OSGi framework this is done by modifying the runtime/server/<configuration>/conf/jboss-osgi-framework.properties file like this:




             javax.sql;version=1.0, \

             javax.sql.rowset;version=1.0, \
             ... etc ...{code}


          Hope this helps,



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            Patrick Giefing Newbie

            thank you for the quick answer, works fine now