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    In flight process modification

    olonga henry Newbie

      Does JBPM 5 support In-flisht process definition modification or dynamic update besides process versioning?


        • 1. In flight process modification
          Kris Verlaenen Master

          For dynamic process definition modification, jBPM5 allows updating a process instance to a newer process definition.

          For dynamically changing a process instance, it allows you to add new node instances (not part of the process definition) when using an adhoc (sub)process.  By dynamically adding rules to the knowledge base, these rules could also be used to alter / override the default process definition behavior.  Do you have any more concrete description of what you are trying to achieve?



          • 2. In flight process modification
            olonga henry Newbie

            What you mentioned pretty much seems to cover what I am looking for. I could not find "dynamic process definition modification" in the JBPM documentations.  Where could I find how to do this?

            Thanks a lot.