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    Jbpm 5.0 mature enough?




      I am in the process of recommending a BPMN solution. I analysed couple of products and JBPM 5.0 is one of that.

      I want to know whether this version is maturare enough for an enterprise solution or should I use previous version.

      It looks like there is no enterprise version for 5.0 and there is no proper documentation and resources.


      Some observations :

      - Editor is not that powerful as claimed. Business user alone cannot create a functioning workflows.  Cannot assign or map UI (html) for a task and cannot create parameters in editor). Some small tools like bonita handles UI part efficiently, Why this is not? If I am wrong please correct me and provide some documentation links where it is possible)


      - Simple work flow cannot be created without the help of eclipse or other tools.

        Simple approval with few text fields cannot be implemented by using the webconsole, needs other external or eclipse tools

         Eg : Get input from user (textbox) and set a status in a variable (parameter)a and pass it to another user for approval cannot be automated using webconsole. Correct me if I am wrong.


      - Eventhough the installation is automated it does not install all compoenents properly. Simple applications, sample apps and console dashboards failes with gigantic error message which cannot be resolved by ourselves. Only forum replies resolves this.


      - Many forums posts have some error messages which cannot be consistanlty reproduceble. Resolution are provided with multiple alternative solutions. This is fine for development environment and not in production environement.


      If you claim this version is stable enough, can you provide a simple work flow which can be created ONLY by webconsole. Not the helloworld or hello process. Get couple of fields from user and pass it to next user and have a variable to state the Status. (Assuming the user is end user.)