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    Setting process variables

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      I have created a simple process workflow and template files for it. (hello.ftl & helloTask.ftl) The first template has the below statement :

      Enter some value <input type="text" width="200" name="abcvariable" />

      and helloTask.ftl template prints the entered value like below :

      Youentered : ${abcvariable}<br>


      When I start the process I enter some data in that text box. Nex if I try to open the task list I get below exception :


      "freemarker.core.InvalidReferenceException: Expression abcvariable is undefined on line 10, column 13 in HelloTask"


      I dont want to add the parameters in the code file using hashmap. Since the control name becomes as process variable it should print the value isn' it?

      I am trying to avoid eclipse here and do everything in webconsole.