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    Port 8083 already in use



      I'm working with JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5.1. I've done some customization in it. Previously it used to work fine, with no error in the logs. But recently, while starting it says "Port 8083 already in use" in server.log and the server doesn't start. Through netstat command I found that port 8083 is not being used by any other services.
        In bindings-jboss-beans.xml, if I change "8083" which is used for WebService to something else, like 8084, it still throws the same error "Port 8084 already in use".
        I don't think I ever made any change when it was working fine. All of a sudden this happens. Please help me., 

        • 1. Port 8083 already in use

          What OS you use?

          How do you start JBoss and did you change the configuration?

          • 2. Port 8083 already in use

            Hi Wolf,

            I'm using Linux. I start it through a shell script. I have a custom profile that is based on production profile. It was working fine as I had mentioned already. But yesterday I tried to start 2 instances. That's when the problem happened. The port bindings were all set properly though. Is it beause of the hostname of the machine?

            • 3. Port 8083 already in use

              How do you start the two instances?

              Do you use the same directory and start with run.sh both instances?

              Please provide the shell comand line.