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    JBoss Community Recognition Awards - We need your RichFaces Vote!!

    Jay Balunas Master

      Hi All,


      The JBoss community recognition awards have been posted, and we have 4 outstanding members from the RichFaces community in the running!


      We need your votes to show JBoss and these nominees just how important they are!


      2011 JBoss Community Recognition Awards - New Features

      • Bernard Labno - for all the wonderful components he has worked on, and help with new features!!


      2011 JBoss Community Recognition Awards - Wiki

      • Ilya Sorokoumov - for the great wiki and forum work - how many of you has he helped?


      2011 JBoss Community Recognition Awards - Issue/JIRA

      • Ara Minosian - for his quality jira's and efforts giving 4.0 releases a try, and his GAE integration work!


      2011 JBoss Community Recognition Awards - Documentation

      • Juan Camilo Prada - for stepping up and helping out with our getting started pages, and readme files!


      Check out all the details and comments on the Nominees on the 2011 Nominee page!


      So please get out there and for our guys!! 




      PS:  All the nominees are fantastic, and I realize I might be a bit biased here ;-)