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    BIRT and locale attribute in embedded viewer

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      I am using JBoss Tools 3.2 on Helios, and have come across a peculiar problem, while trying to run a report. I am trying to embed a birt report in a seam project (seam 2.2.0), using the <b:birt/> tag.


      My report uses .properties files for localization and I was having difficulty changing the locale. After some testing I found out that when setting the report as "embed" (designType="embed") the birt report would default to the jvm default, and ignore the parameter.


      I also tried using some of the urls (/run, /frameset and /embed)  that JBoss Tools register when activating birt integration. Again, the only url that failed to properly change the locale was the /embed url. Furthermore, it seems that the /embed url "uses" the org.jboss.tools.birt.servlet.JBossBirtServlet servlet, instead of the org.eclipse.birt.report.servlet.ViewerServlet servlert used by the other urls.


      I haven't been able to locate the source code for the class org.jboss.tools.birt.servlet.JBossBirtServlet and look into this any further.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.




      I've found out that the same behaviour can be re-produced with the following:




                  <b:birt designName="#{report.rptDesign}"

                  designType="run" masterpage="true" format="html"




                      <c:forEach items="#{report.keyValueList}" var="entry">

                          <b:param name="#{entry.key}" value="#{entry.value}"/>





      I don't know if the "embeddable" attribute overrides the "designType" to "enbed" but I still can't get the locale to change... I've read the documentation and it states that the "embed" parameter ignores all but the designName and masterpage attributes. However, I thought that by setting the viewer type to "run" I might overcome this problem.