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    jbpm5 process deployment HTTP 500 error




      I have installed JBPM 5 and pointed both jbpm and guvnor to a loacl instance off MS SQL Server 2008


      I can successfully create a new process in eclipse and deploy and compile it on drools-guvnor


      however after compiling in guvnor the process does not automatically appear in the jbpm-console


      I manage to get the process to display in the jbpm-console following the procedure decribed in



      but when I try and open the process in jbpm-console I get the following HTTP 500 error: (see attached picture)


      any advice on how to fix this?



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          I also have the same problem. However I am a newbie and tried to test a human task through in Eclipse but cannot check the report status in jbpm console. But can you help me in integrating the oracle with JBPM5.as you have mentioned you have already configured the sqlserver.


          Thanks in advance.