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    Service container options

    Gary Struthers Newbie

      We use ServiceMix, Camel, Tomcat, and Jboss. What experience have people had running jbpm in a war file, in a Camel route, or with ServiceMix? Are there examples I can see? I'd like to run both jbpm and Drools as shared services.

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          Mauricio Salatino Master

          jBPM5 and Drools are environment agnostic, so they can run fine in JBoss or Tomcat. Drools and jBPM5 also provides an integration with Camel and depending what you can to do you can use and interact with service mix as well.

          What kind of examples would you like to view? solving what kind of problems?

          I'm working in a community training and I would like to have some feedback from the community to create examples.


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            Gary Struthers Newbie

            I haven't found information on how jBPM5 integrates with Camel but I want to use Camel for Service Tasks (Work Items). I could figure out how a Work item handler would create a Camel Context and start a route but I'd like information on how the Camel route passes results and notifications back to jBPM. I don't know anything about Switchyard but I see it is also persuing Camel integration in perhaps a similar way.


            A Maven archetype(s) that create jBPM5 & Drools projects that allow me to develop in eclipse and test with the Eclipse and web BPMN2 designers, the console, and Guvnor in Tomcat or Jetty would simplify development a lot.