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    ClassNotFoundException for an embedded RAR

    Eduard Rindt Newbie



        I would like to ask for a help or recommendation with a deployment trouble.


      • I try to migrate an (EAR) application from JBoss AS 4.2.2 onto 6.0.0. The 4.2.2 deployment works fine.
      • While deploying an inner RAR (JCA outbound connector), the AS reports a unreachable class, which is actually present in the RAR.
      • Secondly, deploying of the administered object (exported from the RAR) fails the same way.
      • After diving into the AS inside, I see that a classloader referring only to JBOSS/lib jars is in action and hence it cannot reach my class(es).


      Attached are an appropriate fragment of the boot.log, deployment descriptors, and listings of particular files.


      Thanks in advance to anybody, who can give a hand.


      Eduard Rindt