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    JBPM5 Process Deployment

    npereira Newbie

      Hi forum,


      After developing my process, and testing it, I have been finding it hard to deploy it to the JBPM 5 server.


      Can anybody help me? How can I deploy a process, developed in eclipse, into the JBPM server?


      The goal is to be able to see and start my process from the JBPM console, on the Process overview tab.




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          Kris Verlaenen Master



          The idea is to use Guvnor as a knowledge repository, so you can load your processes there and then the console can retrieve all processes from there.  Unfortunately, integration with Guvnor is still ongoing.


          That is why the current version of the jbpm-console is using a simple workaround: it uses the "jbpm.console.directory" property that is specified as a parameter when starting the application server and it loads all *.bpmn files from that directory.  By default, the installer simply uses the folder where the example process is located:


          So adding more processes there (or changing the directory to something you like) will have other processes show up.


          You can also extend the jbpm-console to support other deployment options.


          Guvnor integration should be available in the next few weeks.



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            a_nat Newbie

            Hi Kris,


            Does RC1 jbpm console has integration with guvnor for deployment of processes?


            And if not, can you please confirm workaround directory location?




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              6jun 6jun Newbie

              Which file I should modify If I want to change the default location of all bpmn files (which are under  jbpm-installer/sample/evaluation/src/main/resources")

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                Kris Verlaenen Master

                jBPM5 CR1 did not yet include Guvnor integration.  The latest snapshot does however.  I'll be doing a blog about that in the next few days so keep your eyes on the blog


                If you use the installer:


                The start.jboss task sets the default location.  You could just change that


                The workaround simply uses a java system property jbpm.console.directory to get the location.



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                  a_nat Newbie

                  Hi Kris,


                  I did downlaod the latest build from hudson site (https://hudson.jboss.org/hudson/job/jBPM5/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/target/)  to check the guvnor integartion,  but I get a lot of Permgen / OutOf Memory errors (even after changing the XMs and XMX settings) while I try to see the processes in the jbpm-console / see them in the guvnor page


                  Just want to check whether am I looking into the right stuff.


                  Can you also shed some lights on the when the GA release would be available?


                  Many Thanks,


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                    Kris Verlaenen Master

                    The latest guvnor snapshot it is currently getting from the drools hudson build is unstable.
                    I'm working with them to get a new version of guvnor published, that should hopefully remove the errors you might be getting.

                    (I manually built a new version from the source code and that seems to work fine).


                    jBPM 5.0 final should be available at the end of this month, January 31st.



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                      Rajesh Chikhale Newbie

                      Hi Kris,

                      I have installed JBPM 5 final version.I had developed a simple process and build it through Guvnor.But however I am not able to view my process in JBPM console.Is the Integration between guvnor and JBBPM conole not working?If it is not working then how do I deploy my process so that it is visible in JBPM console.

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                        Michael Martinsen Newbie



                        I have installed the full installer and followed the steps described in http://people.redhat.com/kverlaen/jBPM5-guvnor-integration.swf.

                        But I have the same problem as Rajesh - the jBPM console does not show the Hello process, only the Evaluation...


                        Are we missing something?



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                          Matus Majchrak Newbie

                          HI guys, what package did you put your assets in? Unfortunately JBPM console uses hardcoded packageName  string when getting processes from guvnor. Therefore you have to put your process, freemarker forms and png image into defaultPackage.(also make sure that your process declares defaultPackage as its package). Then just build the package as shown in Kris's screencast and your jbpm console should now list your process as well.

                          Regards  matus

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                            fabianpc Newbie

                            Hi everyone,


                            I changed the configuration file: Changeset.xml that is within the jars: jbpm-gwt-core-5.0.0.jar and jbpm-gwt-graph-5.0.0.jar, these are in the libs of the application jbpm-gwt-console-server.war. Also I can change other data of the console via file jbpm.console.properties included in jbpm-gwt-core-5.0.0.jar (hosts and ports for console and human task service)

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                              Michael Martinsen Newbie

                              OK, I have this workking now - although I haven't really changed anything. I've deleted the JBoss tmp and work directories and then started JBoss again (via ant start.demo. Now I see the process from Guvnor.....


                              Don't know what was wrong, but it's working now...



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                                Khaled Talaat Novice

                                Hi Kris,


                                I have the same problem with "jbpm-5.0-Final".

                                When I deploy a new process to drools-guvnor , it doesn't appear in the jbpm-console until I restart the application server.

                                Please advise if there is another way to deploy a new process without restarting the server?



                                Thanks in advance

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                                  Lakshmi Gowda Newbie

                                  Hi Michael......


                                  I am new into jboss jbpm. Have created sample processes to be deployed on web console. Read the discussion and came to know you could deploy it on the web. It would be very kind of you if you could help me out on the same. Since im new, please give a detailed procedure to do it. Its a part of my mini project, so please reply asap....


                                  Thanking You,