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    popupPanel modal


      I see when i use rich:popupPanel modal="true", if i have a lot of input, i am at first and i pulse tab key, the focus go to browser, and it don't go to the next input, however if change the attribute modal="false", works fine!


      What is happening???

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            Ok, it's a bug, Will is it solved in RichFaces 4 Final?

            When is it published?

            Another question...

            Can i use ajax in a popupPanel???


            i use selectBooleanCheckBox and i need when i click in the check show anothe component (inputSpinner for example)

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              1) just vote/watch the jira. It will be targetted after final. (we already tagged that build)


              2) for sure you could use ajax. Just remember to use form inside the panel or domElementAttachment in case of form is outside. (the same as for 3.3.x)

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                i try this in my form but, it doesn't work



                <h:commandButton value="example">
                   <rich:componentControl target="anotherpopup" operation="show"/>
                  <rich:popupPanel id="anotherpopup">
                   <f:facet name="controls">
                          <a4j:commandButton image="/Imagenes/Cerrar2.gif" onclick="#{rich:component('anotherpopup')}.hide();"/>
                         <h:selectBooleanCheckbox value="#{rElectronica.locked}" />example
                         <h:inputText value="hola" rendered="#{rElectronica.locked}"/> -----HERE-------


                when i check it would change the value in #{rElectronica.locked}. but it do nothing. Am i forget something to put in the code???

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                  as I said please read about popup component form limitations. By default (if not change domElementAttachment) it should provide form inside and be outside of any external in order to perform submits from inside the panel.