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    JBPM5 - Scalability-Clustering-Performance


      Hi all,

      I'm searching for a strong workflow engine for develop the business layer of a new web social network that can have potentially some million of  processes instance running at the same time.... so i hope that someone of you can reply to this question:


      1) How many process instance can potentially run in a jbpm 5 server at the same time?there is a theorical limit?


      2) If I use a cluster of jbpm 5 servers to improve performance, there is a load balancer inside each server instance or i need another component in front of cluster net?


      3) Can i invoke external rest service from a jbpm5 process instance?


      That's all...for the First question  i've already found this article http://www.jorambarrez.be/blog/2008/04/14/short-jbpm-performance-showdown/ about previous jbpm version....but i need response for version 5.


      Thanks in advance.


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          1) no limit

          2) depending in which kind of server do you use.. if you use servlet containers to expose your jbpm services you will need an external load balancer.. if you choose an Application server you can make a clutered environment without a front end load balance loaders. This topic is not related with jBPM at all.. you can choose the architecture that you want.


          3) totally




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            Thanks for your fine, precious and quickly response.

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              Mauricio, could you please share any practical design where 2 jBPM5 instances work as a true cluster.


              Specifically, a use case that I'm particularly interested in is as follows:


              1. A process definition has several human tasks.

              2. A process instance is created by jBPM5 node 1 and the first human task is created and moved to Ready state

              3. The task is claimed and completed by a user and the Task Server communicates the appropriate event to node 2


              Question: will the state of the process be updated properly given that the process has been created in the knowledge session maintained by node 1?


              Thanks in advance for your reply.

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                Can i run jbpm app in multiple servers....If how will they share the sessions and process instance information?