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    Control of scrolling in ScrollableDataTable


      Hi All,


      My current project uses Richfaces 3.3.0.GA abd JBoss 5.1 .


      I would like to implement ScrollableDataTable for one of the views and would like to handle the data population on my own as the user scrolls.


      i.e At present the data should be present in my backing bean and the table takes care of just displaying the already present data as scrolled. This I want to avoid. So as the user scrolls down I would like to get the data dynamically from DB and then render the table.


      I need this feature coz there might be huge data for me to fetch and keep at backing bean. I also have a custom search on the table but still the search result will be huge :-)


      Is there a way to handle scroll up/down event in ScrollableDataTable and then fetch the records accordingly.