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    jpbm5 db schema


      when i pointed jbpm5 installer to oracle DB, 27 tables got created in the DB. Is there any docuemnt which explains the entity relations and the purpose of each table? Also, where do i fidn the complete list of tables

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          I want to install jBPM5 on mysql database,how to point jBPM5 installer to mysql DB,tks!

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            You can change the ds by making changes in testDS1-ds.xml. I have not tried it but it should work.

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              Look at this for db migration.





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                Rroxy, Thanks for replying. Am able to use Oracle db earlier itself, but my question was whether we have documentation related to schema.


                I didnt find it yet but will update you guys once we have it

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                  Oops. Sorry buddy


                  Yeah that would be great.


                  Thanks & regds.

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                    I can imagine that the Java objects that are annotated for Hibernate are coming from a database schema that initially created with regular tools like a DB designer, isn't it ?


                    Else, the only solution we have is to let jBPM create the schema the first time he runs on the persistence DB and then generate the DDL from the automatically created tables and other DB objects.


                    For info, I am in the same situation where I want jBPM to persist objects in an Oracle DB but I also want it to not create the schema each time my application is started. So I configured the hbm2ddl.auto property to 'validate' once the schema was created.

                    I don't know if it is the recommended practice.