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    Classloading issue for beginner. Make an isolation policy

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      i've got a JBOSS 5.1 configuration (it's not the minimal one and I can't modify it). My web application (just a WAR, no EJB) uses for its own hibernate libraries as well as other jars used in common/lib dir by JBoss. Starting the app generate several coflict on methods on various jars (ClassNotFound Exception as well as MethodNotFound....).

      I've started reading that I should add a descriptor in my web-inf dir (jboss-web.xml) to instruct jboss to apply an isolation policy to use the right classloader having no conflicts. I'm getting crazy because of lack of experience in configuring JBoss so I need some help.


      My goal is to have JBOSS using my web-inf/lib to solve classloading issue using my jars with right versioning.


      Can someone give me some example or a tutorial or even a brief xml snippet to achieve this?


      Thanks a lot