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    How can I configure a @Service bean externally

    david_b Newbie

      Hi all,


      I've developed a JBoss service using the @Service annotation. I've now come to the point where I need to configure the service for different deployments. Usually I'd use resource injection and env-entries in the ejb-jar.xml file, but this doesn't seem to be supported for service beans.


      I've found a rather old feature request for adding this support:



      Assuming this still isn't available, I have a couple of questions.


      Is there a good alternative to the ejb-jar file that will work in a clustered environment? Something better than a properties file?


      Is there an alternative to the @Service annotation that provides the same functionality (singleton statefull session bean) and supports configuraiton through the ejb-jar file?


      I'm using JBoss AS 6 and EJB 3.1.


      Any help would be appreciated.