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    Savara Web App Style




      Just wanted to start a discussion on the Savara Web App - not necessarily focusing on functionality at the moment, but more on style.


      As developers we are used to an IDE (integrated development environment) style environment, and that also tends to reflect the style used in building administrative web tools (such as consoles).


      However I wanted to explore what styles would be most applicable to the intended audience of the Savara web application, to see what thoughts (and where possible reference examples) anyone can provide?


      One approach may be to identify the main reasons a user would want to interact with the web app:


      1) Business user wishing to obtain information on a particular business transaction

      2) Business user wanting to obtain status information regarding SLAs they are providing or have purchased from other organisations

      3) Architect/service developer wanting to analyse erronous behaviour - focusing in on errors


      In some cases users will be notified of issues through other channels/integration points. So for the purpose of this thread we just need to focus on how a user will analyse the available information and be able to focus in on areas of interest.


      So initial focus could be achieved from:


      (1) highlighting unexpected behaviour

      (2) highlighting SLA warnings/breaches

      (3) general query to identify business transaction(s) of interest


      and then provide a suitable means to visualise and navigate the selected info,


      So possibly this lends itself to some form of dash board of report types? Possibly with a portal style, allowing different report windows to be displayed at the same time, with realtime updates?




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          Have been thinking further about this, and although a portal style may be appropriate (and possibly should be an option available to users), I quite like the idea of creating an environment in which 'applications' are available to a user based on their role. The range of applications are not necessarily important at the moment, as they will probably grow over time, but in terms of web UI style this seems to fit the 'desktop' style. Some examples are:




          http://www.gwtwindowmanager.org/ (although is probably not as mature).


          However I am sure other libraries can be used to create the same style.

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            I have to say that the ext-GWT's desktop example very shinny, but because of the license issue, I don't think it is an ideal option.


            I think we can start to use the smartGWT as our alternative library as a start point, either choose portal style, or maybe we can use some of their widget to create a desktop style like EXT one.