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    JBPM 4.4 timer will not fire

    Jim Hill Newbie

      I found and verified that the jbpm.cfg.xml file imports the resource="jbpm.jobexecutor.cfg.xml" resource.  I am however still not seeing my timer kick off.  I am using this inside a group comprised mostly of custom nodes.  At what point do I write this up as a bug?  I am running this inside Eclipse as a junit test.  Am I missing something?  In my junit test I verify that I am at the WaitForMessageActivity node and then have the thread sleep for 30 seconds.  I am expecting the trigger to fire.  Is this a flawed expectation?  Any help would be appreciated.


      <process key="TH" name="TH" version="1" xmlns="http://jbpm.org/4.4/jpdl">
        <start name="start">
          <transition name="to LaunchTHForm"
        <java name="LaunchTHForm" class="mil.army.sc4.bpm.THthread.THSupport" method="launchTHForm">
          <transition name="to SendTHGroup" to="SendTHGroup"/>
        <group name="SendTHGroup">
            <transition name="to WaitForTH" to="WaitForTH"/>
          <custom name="WaitForTH" class="###.####.###.bpm.WaitForMessageActivity">
            <transition name="to DidUserSendTH" to="DidUserSendTH"/>
          <decision name="DidUserSendTH">
            <transition name="TH Sent" to="SendTHDone">
              <condition expr="#{className==&quot;THObject&quot;}"/>
            <transition name="Keep waiting" to="WaitForTH"/>
          <end name="SendTHDone" />

          <transition name="toLaunchEntityDataForm" to="LaunchEntityDataForm"/>
          <!--  Nothing happens when I try this transition with embeded timer -->
          <transition name="timeout1" to="NotifyUserOfTimeout">
            <timer duedate="20 seconds" />
      <!-- This approach does not work either.
          <timer name="timeout1" duedate="20 seconds" transition="NotifyUserOfTimeout"/>


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          Jim Hill Newbie

          Does anyone have an example of working group timers?  My group timer does not fire and I'm trying to determine if I have configured this incorrectly, is my use of Custom Java nodes invalidating the timer, or is there a bug I need to sumbit to Jira?

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            Michael Wohlfart Expert

            Hi Jim,

            afaik jBPM4.4 is pretty much abandoned by jBoss, so you won't find a lot people using it...

            did you check out org.jbpm.test.activities.GroupTimersTest?

            Part of the testcase looks like this:


                      <transition name='timeout' to='escalate'>

                        <timer duedate='2 hours' />



            so maybe using "timeout" instead of "timeout1" might help?