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    jbossws-cxf.xml not picked up




      I installed JBossWS-CXF and put a jbossws-cxf.xml in my WEB-INF folder, where I describe one jaxws:endpoint. Is this all the configuration I have to do? It doesn't seem to work, so I put the cxf servlet in web.xml, but it says there aren't any services...


      Thanks in advance for any help.





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          Please try having a look at the samples that comes with jbossws-cxf. You might want to start from one of them and check what you're not doing properly.

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            I have the same problem: the jbossws-cxf.xml file seems to be just ignored.


            I looked at the examples that comes with jbossws-cxf but I haven't found one using a jbossws-cxf.xml configuration file. I've downloaded jbossws-cxf-3.4.1.GA, and generated the samples with ant tests-main. Am I looking in the rigth place?


            My web.xml just include the servlet definition and mapping of my implementation class, annotated with @javax.jws.WebService.

            I'm trying to implement a username token authentication in my webservice, is there any sample of doing this?



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              Did you download the src distribution? http://download.jboss.org/jbossws/jbossws-cxf-3.4.1.GA-src.zip

              In there thre're many examples of deployments using jbossws-cxf.xml (see the /jbossws-cxf-src-dist/modules/testsuite/cxf-spring-tests/).

              Please note you need to install spring for using the spring based configuration (jbossws-cxf.xml), -Dspring=true, see http://community.jboss.org/wiki/JBossWS-Installation

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                Thank you for your reply.

                I just discovered the reason for my problem: the filename was mispelled .


                For the examples I was looking in the bin distribution, I'll look at the src one.


                Thanks again.