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    GateIn + OpenLDAP => Membership / Roles


      Hi everybody,


      I'm working on GateIn that is connected to an OpenLDAP.

      I've all my users/groups in the LDAP and the management of these is OK but I don't manage to "interface" the Roles of the screen :

      Group > Organization > Users and groups management > Membership Management

      with the OpenLDAP.


      As I'm doing for the users and the groups, I would like to manage (Create, Delete, Modify) my roles and theses data must be managed in the LDAP too.


      Please, Do you know how it's possible to configure this ?

      Which File, etc...



      Note : For the groups and the users, I used this link : http://community.jboss.org/wiki/GateInIdentityandSecurityFAQ


      Thanks by advance,


      Best Regards,