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    [Jbpm 4.3] Task status constants

    Michele Mauro Newbie

      Hi all!


      In org.jbpm.api.task.Task you can find three constants, STATE_COMPLETED, STATE_OPEN, STATE_SUSPENDED.


      Their names suggest some relation to the task status, but no api seems to exists to query such value. I'll also add that the documentation for 'STATE_SUSPENDED' is questionable: it says " task doesn't show up in task lists as something is wrong   with the related process instance that requires manual   intervention first", but I guess there are plenty use cases where makes perfectly sense to suspend a task. I can suggest a few, if necessary.


      Are these values leftovers from a refactoring or stubs for a feature not yet implemented?


      I'll vote for the latter, if possible :-)


      Thanks in advance,


      Michele Mauro

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          Suspended tasks should not show up in the tasklist (the api one). If it does show up that is a bug.


          For the rest is indeed related to a not (yet) fully functional lifecycle of a single task from open to closed or cancelled via assigned etc... It is a small process in itself.

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            T-9000 Skynet Newbie



            does the task lifecycle completed in jbpm 4.4??


            I am looking for a way to suspend a task or any other way to remove it from open

            here is the senario I am working on.


            I have 10 activity within a processflow and on 4th activity I have a fork to 3 different activity(task)  for approval and if any one of them get a reject

            I want to suspend  other two activity(task) and do a retrun to first activity in the flow.


            Then  from the first activity it will go through all the activity in the process flow.  - This way I can track of at what stage it was rejected and how many time it was rejected till the process flow reach the last activity.



            Please advice.