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    How to Configuring Jboss AS for perl/cgi

    ale ing Newbie

      Hi all!!


      I've a problem with perl/cgi configuring on jboss AS GA.


      I've a Perl script connect to OLEDB  does something. I'm developing a web application with netbeans 7, j2ee, and jboss AS.

      I'd want call my Perl script when an action occurred. For example:


      An user inserts your own data click a button and I'd want my javascript/ajax function sends data to Perl script.

      Perl script receives these data and creates HTML web page with something.


      How can I configuring Jboss AS 4.0 GA for running perl/cgi script automatically, when it get called?


      Now, I am using 2 server for this:  jboss for j2ee and Apache http server for perl/cgi. When an action occurred my jsp launch apache http url for perl(positioned below cgi-bin) . This Function but I'd not want use 2 web servers.


      Thanks and regards