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    Restarting automatically Jboss on failure (linux)

    Adrien Adrien Apprentice


      I'm actually search the best way to restart automatically jboss server when the jvm failed or 'exit'.

      I'm working with :

      Env: JBOSS 5.1 / JDK 1.6

      OS linux: ubuntu 10.04 LTS


      I'think to ensure the continuity of jboss server in two steps:

      1/ exit JVM on error: this is achieve by force exit on error with jvm parameter (ex : outofmemory...)

      2/ Detect / monitor that the java process of the server is killed


      Then for the step 2 I don't know/found any  recommandation in the forum, did someone has a 'good' practice to do it?


      Thanks for your help.