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    EJB Business Intelligence with KnowledgeBases / Sessions

    Norbert Korodi Newbie

      Dear Community!


      I would like to ask you about the new jBPM 5 API.

      I would like to manage jBPM sessions and tasks in my J2EE application so I need to create a "connection" between my app and the jBPM runtime. I do know that jBPM console was created for this purpose, but we would like to sharpen HumanTask part.

      I would like connect / couple my app and the runtime only by middleware API which would not change (hopefully) by the time, and avoid database manipulating.

      So my question: Is there any way to "Inject" KnowledgeBases / Sessions into my EJB or get them anyhow?


      Thank You very much!


      Norbert Korodi