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    JBPM 5 API and Developer Guide




      Our company is starting a new project that requires a WF engine and we are looking fwd to using JBPM5. We have evaluated JBPM 4 in the past. My questions are as follows:


      1) I was not able to find the API (Javadocs) and the Developer Guide (similar to what you had in JBPM4). Where can I find these?


      2) We will be using our own Web front end to manipulate Tasks (i.e query for open tasks, get a list, perform actions on these tasks etc). Are there any examples regarding how to use the Task API such that we can build our own front-end.


      3) Our company is also looking to hire (maybe on a consultancy basis) resources that can help us with our project. Is this something the JBPM team (or RedHat) provides for JBPM5? (I do know from other posts that RedHat does not support JBPM 5 as a product currently but will do so in the future). But we are looking to see if we can get some Profesional Services type of assistance with the project.