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    Whats the difference between JCA & JBM Redelviery

    Vinay Bommarati Newbie

      Hello all


      Iam facing some problems in message redelivery and DLQ Handling............Pls help me


      Here goes My Requirement In our product  :



      I have to prompt the user to enter redelivery count & I have to make this as constant redeliery count for all destinations deployed in Jboss



      So , my testing for redelivery and the problems i faced are :


          a) In destination-Service.xml , i kept maxdeliveryattempts to 10 and delay to 10 seconds...but irrespective of the number , the redelivery

      happening only 5 times & the message redirected to DLQ



      b) After reading Jboss docs and this community , i found that JCA layer handling the message redelivery and the default redelivery count

      will be 5 . We should use DLQmaxResent property inorder for specified number of redeliveries



      c) Is it correct ?? what is JCA redelivery and JBM redelivery ?? Is there any way to choose between these two approaches ??? 


      d) Which approcach should i use for my requirement ??    I heard JCA layer dominated JBM redelivery ...is it correct ??


        It would be greatly helpful for me and for my team if any body answers my questions or share the links that contains JCA , JBM redelviery logic