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    Unable to connect to JBOSS Deployed on unix machine

    Hilal Mushtaque Newbie



      We are unable to connect to JBOSS using "jdbc:teiid:TeiidVDB@mm://unixmachine:31000" and We have teiid-ds file containing this url along with the username and password present in the deploy folder of JBOSS along with the TeiidVDB file. We started the jboss server using command ./run 0.0.0. --b, to enable remote access. And when it started we tried to connect Squirrel with this version. It gave us Conncetion error "TeiidConsolidation: Error establishing socket to host and port: ddishepc05:31000. Reason: Connection refused: connect".


      Do we need to configure anything for this like changing the port etc.


      Any help will be appreciated.