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    Invoke EJB method

    Andrzej Goławski Newbie

      Hi all,

      are there any possibilities to invoke EJB method knowing only an ejb class name and a method name?

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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          It depends ...


          If you use EJB3.1 and try to call a bean from another you might use

          @EJB MyEJBClass;

          The reference will be injected with the local proxy.


          For EJB3 you have to know the interface class (remote or local) and use this for the @EJB


          With EJB2.1 you have to know the JNDI name and do a lookup.


          To answer in more detail you should provide the EJB and JBoss version and more details about what you try to do.

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            Andrzej Goławski Newbie

            I've created simple taks service as MBean (this is only a sample):


            @RemoteBinding(jndiBinding = "jboss/service/TaskService/remote")

            @Service(objectName = "pl.pazp.jboss:service=SimpleService")


            public class TaskServiceMBean implements TaskService {


                           public Task createTask(Serializable taskInfo) {


                                          return new Task();



                    public void invokeTaskActionMethod(Task task) {


                                          invokeEjbMethod(task.getInvokerClass(), task.getOnTaskActionMethod());





            class Task is simple POJO:


            public class Task implements Serializable{

                           private String invokerClass;

                           private String onTaskActionMethod;




            and EJB component:



            public class TestBean implements Test {



                           private TaskService taskService;


                           public void createTask() {

                                          taskService.createTask(new String(), new String());




                           public void onTaskAction(Task task) {

                                          //do something





            TestBean invokes createTask method. Then using AOP, I intercept a class, which has invoked the TaskServiceMBean.createTask(..), and I get a method name which is annotated as a @TaskAction. I put these information in Task and save it in DB. After some time I'd like to pick up the Task from DB and invoke onTaskAction method on TestBean EJB. I ' ve done everything except for the last thing - invokeEjbMethod.


            I'm using JBoss 6.0.0Final



            Thanks for any help.